Amazing is witnessed in every day life.

Some people see amazing in the specially crafted cup of coffee always ordered in the mornings, in the sun setting down & perfectly disappearing between buildings, in that concert you were long waiting for to attend. Amazing is present from the the special events to the tiniest fleeing moments, those moments that sometimes we seem to be the only ones to cherish.

This amazing is worth sharing because as social creatures, we strive to identify & connect with other people. Specifically, connect with people that have inspiring stories. We all have hobbies, endeavors, professional pursuits: unique perspectives that’s makes us “we” or “me”. These are the journeys to celebrate & we would aim to celebrate the creators of it along with their creating tools.

Implicitly highlighting the new possibilities packed in the new EOS RP; we will witness the new possibilities in action with their respective creators.

Yousef | amazing in Macro & Micro

 “Yousef has made available some of his images of insects and their parts to several foreign universities for the purpose of performing new scientific projects and specialized studies. He has also provided specialized studies students with a set of these works for the purpose of academic research and graduation projects”

Amani | amazing in Fine Art

“Amani developed a passion for photography at the age of thirteen, she discovered her love for editing and photo-manipulation. At 19, Amani was diagnosed with major depression and PDD. She graduated from university with a bachelor’s in interior design and worked as an interior designer while dealing with her depression by creating conceptual images. She portrayed herself in worlds that only exist in her mind, and found healing in translating the darkness that lives inside her into pieces of art” 

Drina | Amazing in Food

“Drina comes from a Food styling background, catering to a wide range of hotels, some of the best restaurants in the region and various boutique eateries in the UAE. She’s able to bring together a harmonious relationship between art & design, and visual appetite. What distinctively sets her apart is her ability to artistically fashion a dish in a way that best appeals to the lens, thus encapsulating the true adjective of every shot. Her work is niche to a market that appreciates the fine art of culinary masterpieces”

Nasser | Amazing in Performance

“Nasser, a chemical engineer, just couldn’t stop shooting media in his free time. Starting out with self portraits as a meaning of self expression & later on with short films, he has most recently expanded succesfully into self-broadcasting. His youtube channel alone has reached over 3+ million views by his own merit”

Bova | Amazing in Landscapes

“Bova finds his peace at the helm of the camera preferably in solitude; either shooting video, stills or time-lapses. With a Fine Arts background & significant professional experience working in the US & Europe, he’s been drawn to the GCC for it’s strategic location, bold architecture & arid varied new landscapes”

Augusta| Amazing in Fashion Films

“A British Television Production graduate from Bournemouth University (UK). She shoots internationally in the fields photography and videography.for fashion”


Online Film + Social Media Clips

1 x Trailer Clips

  • 1 x 1-minute trailer version of all profiled talent for ME landing page.

  • 1 x 30-sec & 1 x 15-sec trailer version for Social Media Outlets (Instagram, FB).

3 Talent Profile Clips

  • 3 x 1-minute clips for each profiled talent; describing via voice-over “where they see amazing.” To be edited over beauty-shots of their their photo playground, execution in progress while narrating their passions, challenges & unique experiences.

  • Each profile clip could be split in 10-15-sec sections for SM outlets (Insta Stories, Polls, swipes or scroll downs with CTA’s, etc).

  • As there are different photographic & filming styles, we’ll subtly introduce the new Canon EOS RP along with the respective canon accessories for each style.

Sample Trailer Clip

“Balsam Al Ayoub is an international fencing competitor who has represented her home country of Kuwait at numerous international events. She co-founded Balsam International to promote girls’ and women’s participation in sport, culture and community inclusion programmes.



3 X Key Visuals for BTL visibility

  • window display, security gates, stands, POS, etc. Also applicable for ATL.

POV Approach

Framing the “amazing subject” of each talent.

  • Option # 1: Foreground with the photog’s hand, camera, viewfinder monitor & subject in the background.

  • Option # 2: Alternative combination to consider “in reverse” such as the subject at forefront ( dish, lizard, insect, model) in the foreground, with photographer in the background.


Final proposal & Initial estimate available upon request:


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