Director + DOP Duncan Kemp


I would really enjoy researching to find stories to tell and is something I have done in the past with other projects. Here is a great reference film, a great example of telling an emotive personal journey while also tying in the product/brand. It's also a good reference of how I would like to shoot it, handheld with lots of natural light:


Filming these portrait films in anamorphic will create a really beautiful aesthetic and add to the emotive nature of these films. Here are examples of a similar project I did for Red Cross in anamorphic, along with a car shoot with local scenery:


This project may be done in 3 days (1 day per film) but for the best result an additional drone day should be considered. I would includes 8 days of pre-production (mainly for research) 3/4 days for production and edit to personally fine tune each film: 

'Madam Suria': Film 4 of 4 character pieces for Red Cross Singapore, highlighting 'Food Aid'

Dat Datsun - Car Culture UAE


Dubai (Kite) Surfer | Beach & Water Sports Gear 


  • While in the morning bliss of an early seawater dip or gazing at the sunset, a dubai based beach junkie escapes the routines of his daily life. 


 Emirati Woman | Business & Urban 


  • A young professional local woman who's exploring her potential of this fast evolving city. 

GCC Today's Bedouin | Desert & Mountains

  • A family man that ventures out into the sand & dune in expeditions, to enjoy & contemplate the solitude of his ancestors. 


The description of each profile are achievable & realistic stories which are aligned with the GCC target audience of this project.  The hero candidates may be scouted via a live casting along with the preproduction research. In a city of 4 million people, the above people that partake on these activities live as neighbors among us. 



RJ Bova

Richard Allenby-Pratt