By providing a large volume of high quality video with a fast turnaround, GOOD will aim to provide overflow support to SWITCH’s in house video. The GOOD video-unit will tackle the most elaborate executions with it’s strategic workflow in order to develop a fruitful partnership with SWITCH for it’s long term endeavors.

Portfolio Sample #1

Portfolio Sample #2


Scope of Work

GOOD would collaborate with Switch’s team by producing high quality lifestyle videos in the fields of leisure, wellness & fitness.

Suggested Execution

GOOD can provide overflow support to SWITCH’s in-house video production team while streamlining the workflow.

As SWITCH projects to enroll 30 suppliers per month & each are to be featured with it’s own video, an initial 50 videos package could be structured monthly as such:

  • 1 Preparation day (Shooting sites visit & preproduction meeting with Videography unit + Switch team).

  • 5 shooting days (10 Dxb locations) 

  • 10 videos to produce (half day coverage per location for a total of 2 videos per shoot day) 

  • Maximum time length of 30sec to 45sec x video, with 2 rounds of revisions.

  • Soundtrack is recommended as instead of audio recording, in order to maximize visual coverage per shoot day.

  • As SWITCH must draft the copywriting for each suppliers’ description in the app, this text can be the basis for the supers in order to describe the who/what/where/how for the activities.

Logistical Approach

  • Our team on site will consist of one Lead videographer, one Lighting Assistant & one GOOD producer.

  • The GOOD producer will handle the monthly project briefing (to be provided by SWITCH) , scheduling be of support during the shoot to strategically cover each shooting day. 

  • As we consider the video coverage needs for SWITCH will fluctuate: with an initial 50 videos package we can shoot more videos in the initial months of the calendar year, less in the remaining or viceversa. We could adapt with an additional video unit as well to ease up on schedule conflicts if requested.

Draft for Monthly Production Timeline

Screen Shot 2018-10-29 at 8.24.42 PM.png

Your Feedback

Please consider that the above is a proposal for an initial assessment only. If you deem that this can be a potential solution, we’d love to hear your comments & polish a final proposal for your consideration!