An effective commercial will establish SWITCH with its direct and corporate audience. Driving the brand’s purpose across through it’s mobile medium can effectively establish the app as a ‘must have’ in the social scene, proving that SWITCH truly has something for everyone to enjoy.

The 60” second brand film must incite its audience & quickly demonstrate how the app features will enable its users to discover new local experiences while connecting to communities of similar interests.

Moodboard for Locations

Highlighting the cosmopolitan features of the urban environments along with natural retreats, this route will provide the most flexibility for SWITCH’s expansion to other markets & regions. An initial Dubai brand film edition could be launched, with new cities could be gradually be included for a later international brand film edition.

Screen Shot 2018-11-01 at 12.24.51 PM.png

Moodboard for Leisure, Fitness & Wellness Activities

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#1 Thai Airways | The world is always new 


Different leading characters are intertwined to portray their adventurous journeys.

#2 Tinder | The next level

The journey of one leading character through this social medium, her yearning to meet a significant other is now reachable via the tip of your fingers.

#3 Singapore | Passion made possible

A voice-over driven film with detailed sound design, it showcases all the unique experiences that one may encounter in this spectacular city.


All featured characters should represent the current & future diverse demographics of the app’s potential users.

  • #1 Reference could be achieve with approximately 6 heroes with extras.

  • #2 Reference with 1 hero or 2 heroes (of each gender) with extras.

  • #3 The voice-over is the leading force of the film with all characters to be featured extras.

*The talent may be sourced by selectively featuring SWITCH’s current partners for cost-effectives, or as we do most often with traditional casting process.

Maximizing the Investment

The film unit can execute the commercial while a simultaneous photo unit can cover the photography. This would increase SWITCH’s collateral by taking advantage of the secured locations, allocated time & talent for the brand film.

Your Feedback

Please consider that the above is a proposal for an initial assessment only. Upon discussing your feedback & sharing potential collaborator’s reels, a specific tailored will be assembled by the shortlisted director.