Mama Said Knock You Out

Production is no stranger to breaking a sweat, and over the past few months we've definitely enjoyed getting our clients, photographers and talent to show us what they're made of. Whether it was shooting under the 50 degree blazing sun in an Oud Metha sand lot, or sprinting down the back streets of down-and-dirty Bur Dubai, our people showed us that they could handle the burn and keep up with the hustle. And the results get our heart rate to that target zone real quick.

Sven Hoffmann showed us that willpower has no obstacles in his collaboration with Nomads and Under Armour. Tasked with finding gritty locations across the city that reflected our athletes' sport and training capabilities, we were proud to show Dubai as a place where people Train\To Win.

Nick Laham came all the way from NYC to Dubai to make an impact -- packing a powerful punch with graphic images of local superstar fitness gurus in their element.

And if that's not enough to pump you up, Director/DOP Toby Plummer knocks us out with our latest production for CrossFit GOLDBOX Gym, starring CrossFit Games 2017 Champion Tia-Clair Toomey. The fittest woman on earth sure knows how to make us look good.


Local Shooter Hywell Waters also knows it's either go hard or go home - shooting a super set for Redtag Fashion that has us pumped.

We don't call it a comeback, we've been here for years. And when you're ready to shoot with a team who knows how to push harder every day, give us a shout. We'll show you what we're made of, and you'll love the gains.